Modern Model Provides Free Classes for Public School Students and Illiterate Mothers

March 29, 2014

From this academic session 2071 B.S. (2014 A.D.), Modern Model Residential School is providing free tution classes once a week for the students of public schools. This year, 45 students from the fifth grade and sixth grade in public schools will be taking tuition classes for Compulsory English and mathematics subject. This is to strengthen English and mathematical skills for the future high school students, owing to the fact that 90% of students appearing final board exam of the tenth grade fail in Compulsory English and maths subjects.

Also from this year, we are providing free literacy classes once a week for illiterate women in our village. Once women become literate, we are planning to have income generating skill development classes for them so that they can earn some money using their skills. 


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Parents of one-third of students in each class deposit Rs. 25,000/ per child for free study till class ten, parents of one-third of students pay Rs. 200 per student per month and one third of students study for free in each class.

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