Unpaid Summer Internships Opportunities

April 09, 2015

Modern Model Residential School invites applications for unpaid summer internship positions. The internships start from June 1, 2015 and are at least a month long. All college students are eligible to apply. School staff will arrange travel, room and board for the interns. Internship positions are available until filled.

1. Media (Photography/Videography) Intern (1):

Responsibilities: Update pictures of all students in a database and write their personal stories, take pictures for the school, shoot videos for a documentary and teach basic computer skills to elementary level students.

2. Environment Intern (1):

Responsibilities: Carry out tree plantation around the school area, maintain a garden space for children, teach science, health and sanitation classes to elementary level students and help school design eco-friendly policies

3. English/Mathematics Teacher (1):

Responsibilities: Teach English and mathematics to elementary level students and teach communication skills to students from public school

Interested or have questions? Send us questions or application with cover letter at


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